Friday, 21 September 2012



This is the photo that had Sam in stitches as  we skyped him.......
I have to admit we do look rather comical and old!! and very pleased with ourselves for sorting out all this modern technology!!

FLYING THE NEST                  

Everyone is leaving... the house is getting quieter and quieter.

Becca left today to go back for her final year at Leeds. Because of the fiasco with the cars her friends Amy and Rosie took her up! it was quite a challenge fitting all her room and 3 girls into quite a small car... she had to leave a box of food behind so my store cupboard is now bulging!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012


At last we have a new car...... I don't have to  live in dread of the clapped out golf collapsing on me as I go over a speed bump, there is some sort of split in the rear axil (is that how you spell it....I have never had to write that word before!!!!)  it's be going for 4 years with this problem but the way our luck is going with cars at the moment I feel it's only a matter of time before  it breaks altogether........

The only worry now of course is that I will prang the new one! We have been driving around in such old bangers for such a long time I have ceased worrying about bumps and scratches but that has all changed now that I have a shiny new model.
the clutch feels very different so as soon as I tried to pull away the first time ......I stalled !!, very embarrassing


Ian and I did our first ever Skype call last night! It was quite hilarious  and also great to talk to Sam so far away, he found us  very amusing , both with our specs on squinting at the screen. There is a photo somewhere that he took of the two of us, I will try to upload it later.


Just off to have some pins inserted into various parts of me.... I love it and hopefully will stop that "tired all the time "thing so watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Have been very lazy and not done any blogging at all.... think it is a protest to myself about being back at work, I just can't get out of the holiday mode.
Luckily work has been quite quiet so I have been easing myself in slowly. I did go and see some post natal mums today and had my fix of new gorgeous babies, so I am back in the zone now!!


The house is beginning to empty out... Strange as it has been so busy this last year. Sam left for Glasgow about 10 days ago. He packed all his room into the back of the car and Ian and him set off one Friday evening. I got a call at 10pm to say the car had broken on the M6 . The AA couldn't start it and to cut a long story short the scrap man came yesterday to take it away for us. That's 2 cars in 2 weeks.... not bad! We are now driving a clapped out old golf which is also bound for the scrapman as soon as we get a new motor!! The bank balance is not looking so good!

Anyway Sam is up there now and feels miles off, he seems happy enough but obviously it will take some time to settle in. He was either drunk or hungover last week and now the course has started so not such a drunken week.

Becca is off on Friday to Leeds and then its just Charlie and Jo left. Charlie is trying to find some work to save for Australia trip so he is not around so much either. Poor Jo is just left with us....

We have some lodgers to fill the empty rooms next week and to fill the empty bank balance......


Am really feeling in need of a pick-me -up (stupid really as just had 6 wks off) so have booked myself in for a massage as my shoulders are solid and a friend has just completed a massage course. Also going for my regular session of acupuncture which is also from a friend. I just love it and it really boosts my energy. I find it very helpful pre menstrually as it keeps me more rational....!!!!


Well the season is upon us to start in earnest and I am getting some requests already.... Have gone snood  knitting mad and have several lined up in waiting. Also just finishing a pair of gloves for me ...It feels pretty cold first thing when I am out with the dogs at 7.30am. I have a LOT of wool to get thru so need to get those needles clacking. I am tempted to have another go with a patchwork blanket as Sam's came out soooo good!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I cant believe its all over....... where did all that time go? What a lovely summer we have had, a beautiful week on the Isle of Wight in some hot sun......

Quite a few birthdays and celebrations

watching the Olympics but not quite getting there!!!

and of course Italy and exploding cars.......

Anyhow we all got home safely and now everyone off again, Sam to Glasgow this weekend, that feels strange, for all of us, I am making little boxes of food and useful stuff for him but also feel I should just let him get on with it and find his own way, its all very hard this flying the nest business!!
Becca back to Leeds in a couple of week and then its just the 4 of us left though i am expecting 2 lodgers, to fill up the place and also help with the ridiculous university fees!
It always feel like a really fresh start at this time of year , with all sorts of resolutions and plans, more so i feel than New year. Anyway to celebrate we all went out to lunch in Brixton Village to Franco manca, and had THE most delicious pizza, YUM followed by ice cream