Thursday, 20 September 2012


At last we have a new car...... I don't have to  live in dread of the clapped out golf collapsing on me as I go over a speed bump, there is some sort of split in the rear axil (is that how you spell it....I have never had to write that word before!!!!)  it's be going for 4 years with this problem but the way our luck is going with cars at the moment I feel it's only a matter of time before  it breaks altogether........

The only worry now of course is that I will prang the new one! We have been driving around in such old bangers for such a long time I have ceased worrying about bumps and scratches but that has all changed now that I have a shiny new model.
the clutch feels very different so as soon as I tried to pull away the first time ......I stalled !!, very embarrassing


Ian and I did our first ever Skype call last night! It was quite hilarious  and also great to talk to Sam so far away, he found us  very amusing , both with our specs on squinting at the screen. There is a photo somewhere that he took of the two of us, I will try to upload it later.


Just off to have some pins inserted into various parts of me.... I love it and hopefully will stop that "tired all the time "thing so watch this space!!!

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