Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I cant believe its all over....... where did all that time go? What a lovely summer we have had, a beautiful week on the Isle of Wight in some hot sun......

Quite a few birthdays and celebrations

watching the Olympics but not quite getting there!!!

and of course Italy and exploding cars.......

Anyhow we all got home safely and now everyone off again, Sam to Glasgow this weekend, that feels strange, for all of us, I am making little boxes of food and useful stuff for him but also feel I should just let him get on with it and find his own way, its all very hard this flying the nest business!!
Becca back to Leeds in a couple of week and then its just the 4 of us left though i am expecting 2 lodgers, to fill up the place and also help with the ridiculous university fees!
It always feel like a really fresh start at this time of year , with all sorts of resolutions and plans, more so i feel than New year. Anyway to celebrate we all went out to lunch in Brixton Village to Franco manca, and had THE most delicious pizza, YUM followed by ice cream



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