Sunday, 30 June 2013


I am pleased to say that I have found a pretty good cure for wrinkles...

It all started with getting fitted for contact lenses, suddenly I could see my skin really well, too well in fact , as now the wrinkles are 2x enlarged..... quite a shock I can tell you. However although this is a downside to being able to see without glasses, there is an upside. Contact lenses should be put on before your make up so you have less risk of getting chunks of mascara in your eye as you make endless attempts to get the blinking things in. I must say, my make up is looking soooo much better since I have been able to see what I am actually doing. The trick is then to take the lenses out and look at yourself again.... 20 yrs of wrinkles have disappeared in a flash, its the best miracle cure and involves no surgery or even creams!! Obviously this is usually done just before bed so not so helpful really but it certainly makes me feel a lot better as I'm cleaning my teeth!

I hadn't noticed how overgrown my eyebrows had become.... until I put the lenses in

so a quick trip to the threading lady sorted them out

can you see the difference???

We have been looking after a sweet but BONKERS dog!

Here he is looking sweet and normal

but he has a DARK side......

He is obsessed with the washing machine, literally attacks the washing as it is pulled out and then jumps into the drum and licks it furiously, panting and quivering. He cannot be left alone with the machine, he would spend the entire day inside it!!!

Friday, 21 June 2013


This isn't something I do often, really very little at all if I'm honest. I find it boring and quite frankly pointless, its a mess again when everyone comes home and by the time i get up the next morning I can't really tell i have done anything . However the time comes now and again when a feeling comes over me and I HAVE to do it.
The house was a BIG mess and I had some visitors planned for the next day so the feeling came upon me and i HAD to do it! This time I had some unemployed children at home and they helped me A LOT!!

Here is Sam really getting into it...

He also hoovered the stairs from top to bottom, Becca emptied the bathroom and scrubbed the floor on her hands and knees and I attacked the living rooms....

This is how nice the snug looked when i had finished!!

In the whole scheme of looking better and being clean the dogs went to the hairdressers. this is a VERY handsome Huxley

Thursday, 20 June 2013

havent found myself here , in front of the computer for a few days and realise its been a looooooong time since i last wrote anything.

The house is FULL.... Becca and  Sam home , 2 lodgers , one lodgers girlfriend, Becca's boyfriend and several "mates"generally knocking around. Monday night I cooked supper for 9, and I wasn't even eating as I am trying hard with the 5:2 fasting diet.... just got a new bikini...scary!!!

Over the weekend I was up in Leeds to help bring Becca home... she has finished her degree!!!!!The four girls in her house arranged a Mums weekend  so we all trooped off up to Leeds where we were spoilt by our daughters!!

Becca and I had a lovely day shopping for  graduation dress for her and after much undressing , dressing and walking we stopped for these...

When we got back to the house all the mums were treated and spoilt with the following....
Roast chicken, salad, couscous, a fantastic pavlova, G and T's and even cocktails... great fun!!

next morning we inevitably became involved in the cleaning of the flat but with all of us there it was pretty easy and we left an good time. Even the drive home was good , Becca and i shared and the time wizzed by!!

Home to  Fathers day  and a roast cooked by the father and a few hilarious cards, this being one of them.

Guess what... I have got contact lenses and can now see again, without having glasses perched on my head most of the time! quite an experience learning how to put them in and out. Got them in ok but took ages to get the bloody things out but seem to be getting better though Ian had to put one in the other day for me after 20 mins of trying!!!
There is a real downside though... I can see my wrinkles and lines soooo clearly now, all the time. I didnt really look at myself much with my glasses on so didnt realise quite how bad the situation is!!
Also , as if in a huff about the lenses my £200 glasses are missing, ironically the last time I remember having them is in the opticians when I was making the appointment to have the lenses fitted!!!

Today has been the 1st summery HOT day we have had , sadly for today only, back to rain and overcast tomorrow and all over the weekend!!

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Last night as I was drifting off to sleep a thought popped into my head .... a very interesting and witty , slightly off the wall topic to write about on my blog. Not too long just succinct and to the point and very witty and amusing (??!!) and even a title to put at the top of the page. "I will surely remember that., its so clever and interesting" I thought to myself. I woke early again...5.30 isn, (Sunday morning arghhhhhh) and in trying to get off to sleep wrestled with my brain and sleepy memories of the previous night ...... absolutley nothing, no idea at all of what this brilliant piece was to be about and inspite of my hardest efforts there is still a BLANK. Maybe it was just a dream and there was really nothing there at all......

So its just a few photos I'm afraid... but quite good ones I hope.

Just spent the last couple of days visiting my mum down in Stroud. It was the most beautiful day, warmish and such lovely blue skies.
In case anyone is interested this is what I took to knit on the train

Its a rather long and slightly plain and boring wrap. I had a lovely one that was left on a plane and I have never quite found the perfect replacement, until I recently found a GIGANTIC ball of wool that was the perfect shade. Its growing nicely and I'm thinking that I am about half way.

In the evening we went for a beautiful walk over the hills, it was a lovely evening and the fields and trees and grass looked so vibrant.

As you can see its beautiful countryside.
I had a drink from a spring

The water was delicious, so cool and refreshing.

Home again now with a houseful of children/ young adults returning home from uni. It takes some getting used to again, no hot water for my shower after the gym, the towels all being wet, the fridge emptying before my eyes....

I made some sourdough this morning... it was a good one

However it is almost gone now, it is sooooo good we cant stop eating it

So a sunday roast for 7 needs preparing, roast lamb and its smelling GOOOOOOOD.

enjoy the rest of the weekend 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Am off for a couple of days to the countryside ... Stroud in Gloucestershire and then meeting up with old friends in Cheltenham. Ita a very short break but have TONS to sort out... where are the dogs going to go, where is Joseph going to go and what bags and various clothing etc need to go to what place, is there enough food in the house for the lodgers and for Becca when she comes home and MOST important... WHAT KNITTING SHALL I TAKE WITH ME TO DO ON THE TRAIN????

Phew , just writing it all down is exhausting..... Oh and I have a dental appt first thing too before I leave!!

So its a quickie....
I am REALLY proud of this photo I took of Huxley on our evening stroll last night... I want it to go GLOBAL.....

I just love it...... Hope you like it too

Saturday, 1 June 2013


The last week our house has been very quiet... just Ian , Joseph and me. All rather calm and reasonably civilised.
There has however been a small irritation for me....... for the past few days no one has been bothered to remove the empty toilet roll off a very simple and straight forward little post that is stuck on the wall just behind the loo. It simply involves lifting the empty roll off and slipping the other full one on. I decided to see how long it would be before someone else decided to lift the loo roll off the floor beside the loo, easy to get to, or more awkwardly twist around to get it off the back of the loo or off the window sill. For several days it remained unchanged until I finally did it, only to find that as the "new" roll was almost finished and we were back where we started just a few days ago!! I relented immediately  this time, I was fighting a losing battle!!

Even worse when Becca gets home she balances the new roll on top of the empty one... little annoyances I know in the scheme of things but on a bad day .....

A few dog photos is all I have to offer I'm afraid ...I am dog sitting 2 delightful little westies and I can't stop taking photos of them!!

They are so sweet and such characters and completely rule the roost even though they are so much smaller than my dogs!!

Joseph and i had a day out in Covent garden and found this rather painful looking poster