Friday, 28 December 2012


Hot on the heels of dogs learning to drive in New Zealand, Huxley has taken up reading!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Well its pretty much all over and what a lovely time we have all had....

started with a christmas eve drinks with friends , followed by Midnight mass which was packed and quite a long slog but very nice and managed to have all 4 children there, don't think we have all been to Mass for a long time.
 managed to get to bed about 2am and was woken by a thunder clap and lightening and 7!! dont think I have EVER been woken by thunder on Christmas morn, thought it would wake Joseph but he managed until 9 ish. Then we had the usual dogs and kids on the bed with our stockings but this year we had a stocking too courtesy of the offspring! A success this year as Joseph didn't cry for the 1st time in a few years. He had a notice on the fridge promising not to cry this year.

Then we had the usual drinks and carols which was lovely though we missed John banging out Slade songs so we were just civilised with carols. People stayed till 3 so we had a late pressie opening sess. That was SOOOOO nice , we all gave out a pressie one at a time and watched as each one opened. the kids had all bought decent pressies for everyone so they were understanding the joy of giving as well as receiving . I got some lovely things, Joseph has made a head and shoulders of himself which was a pressie for me, its great and Sam did a photo of Ian and i and then got us to write a few words for each other which he then created some funky letters to say it, that was so sweet and really lovely words that we both said!

The main event....... The meal turned out gorgeous , turkey was cooked to perfection, bread sauce was delish, gravy superb , and the veg divine so we all ate till we could eat no more untill it went down a bit and then we had lemon tart that Becca had made. Finishing with an hilarious game of ARTICULATE  and Charlie and I narrowly scraped through as winners!!

All in all one of the best!!

Friday, 21 December 2012


A flurry of socialness....
A lovely christmas dinner party with 8 of us, all old friends, have been friends for ages and this has been a tradition we have done for a while.We had a secret santa, boys buy for the girls and girls for the boys. I got a tea bag saucer and a little tea book , we all got good fun presents. a success all round!

Swiftly followed by a Christmas breakfast

Not too many arrived which was actually good as I was struggling with the coffee machine and it was really nice and relaxed and Christmassy. I think we will do it every year now.


So far so good....... just a few hours to go! someone suggested it was the end of one era and beginning  of another which I like more and so it feels like a fresh start!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Finished work today for a couple of weeks, God i LOVE my term time contract!!

Started off well as was supposed to be doing the breast feeding workshop but not many turned up so I didn't need to attend....HORAAAH!! Had 3 post natal visits to do and 2 out of 3 doing well. Last lady was struggling with milk supply and the baby was hungry, just 3 days old but milk slow in coming in. Chatted to her about giving some formula as I was worried about the baby getting dehydrated. Don't like doing that as i feel it affects the mothers confidence and can be downhill all the way to formula feeding . we decided to wait another day to see if milk would come in next few hours, fingers crossed.


Poor old Joseph has been poorly for several days with a fever. He always throws off a MASSIVE temp for quite a few days before a cold comes out. He has done that since he was a teeny baby, not so scary now but so pleased that he seems to be thru it tho he is shattered from it. Tried to go for a sleep over this evening but was home again 2 hrs later.... Hope thats the end of it though.


A small surge of social stuff, dinner party here tomorrow, gonna do smoked haddock lasagne. we do a secret santa which is always a bit of a larf , I have got a mankini for the boy who picks mine!! then a cocktail party no less for one of Becca's friends on friday night and almost forgot the Christmas breakfast here on friday morn. Then Ian's birthday on Sunday. think we will all go to see "life of Pi" and a meal out at Fujiama's in Brixton!!

Friday, 14 December 2012


I have always had a big problem with pastry and have pfaffed about with it being too dry or too wet, falling to pieces burning etc. Well last night I had a revelation.....

I had planned a quiche for tea but had no ready made pastry in the fridge. I REALLY didn't want to go to Sainsburys to get some so... I made it myself in the food processor. It took about 2 mins and came out so beautiful, soft and stretchy, easy to roll. I even managed to blind bake it so it didn't have a soggy bottom and Joe, Becca's b/f said it was the BEST quiche he had ever had!!!
I am a converted woman and plan to start on some mince pies next though I think sweet crust is a bit more tricky... I will let you know!!

Just to show off a bit more here is a picture of the chicken pie I made the other night.... shop bought puff pastry I have to admit

please  note the festive decoration.....


We have lost our lovely cold crisp bright frosty days and returned to dark, grey cloudy wet and windy. Its not so cold, in fact very mild but I prefer the frosty days, it makes me feel christmassy!!

Sam on way home from Glasgow tonight.... YIPEEE. Please God everyone home again tonight!!

Monday, 10 December 2012


Should really be hibernating now so haven't got the enthusiasm  to write loads... Also sleeping badly, my mind is too busy so after I wake to go to the loo I really struggle to get to sleep again, most annoying.
We had a major dinner party on Sat for 12 and i ended up going to bed at 2.30 and waking at 7 and then not being able to sleep after that. Was very sleepy on Sun and marginally hungover so was rather grumpy. Slept better last night. One of the problems is I don't like going to bed, would rather stay up and knit until well after midnight and then read as well.


this is my Christmas present for my 3yr old God son.....  I hope they fit, I think I may have made them a bit small, I can't remember how little a 3 yr old hands are....

Anyhow I have now finished my Christmas knitting and am crocheting a blanket with a various selection of wool I bought ages ago.

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Just had a new wood burner fitted in our cosy back room and Huxley is LOVING it!!