Sunday, 28 July 2013


I have been TERRIBLE at blogging this last month and its not gonna get much much better in August as we are away for 2 wks.
Apart from being LAZY there are 2 valid reasons....

Firstly here in the UK we are having a SUMMER, its been HOT, very HOT and I am outside ALL day and most of the evening too. Its too nice to be sitting in front of the key board.

Secondly.... the house is FULL of returning children who seem to be constantly in front of the screen whenever i might want to get within an arms lengths of it.

Anyway here are a few photos of what has been going on lately

We went fruit picking ........
 and made just a few pots of jam

 This is to prove it has been hot and sunny enough to wear sun glasses on our trip to Borough market

 Also the good weather has done wonders for my green fingers, though in all honest all I have harvested is a rather tasteless and woody radish.....

 For a birthday treat we went to the rooftop cinema in the Bussey building in Peckham, great fun. It did get a bit chilly and the film turned out to be about concentration camps.... but overall great fun. We were the oldest there by a good 30 years though...???!!!

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  1. It's hard to blog in the summer - there are ay too many distractions. And after the run of bad weather you have had in the UK over the past couple of years, I think you are very wise to spend every moment you can outdoors. Enjoy the sunshine!