Monday, 1 July 2013


Sunday... and what a day it was!!

The sun was shining and the forecast was for the hottest day so far...23c... yes its been a RUBBISH summer so far.

started with a walk in the woods, which was cool for the dogs.

Then home and off to meet the boys from a BIG cycle event, a 60 mile trip around the edge of London. We were sitting in the spectator stands as they came into the Velodrome and gave them an almighty cheer... stupidly didn't take any photos!

Becca had her first day off for 8 days from managing a hospitality tent at Wimbledon Tennis and was chilling nicely with her boyfriend nicely in the garden and sun

Being the lovely Mum that I am I made them a jug of homemade elderflower cordial

We then had a lovely cook in together and made some SPLENDID salads to go with baby back ribs

  and then sat in the garden and ate it and drank copious amounts of elderflower and I even added prosecco to mine!!

Finished the day off by sitting outside knitting till it got chilly.

Joseph had returned from a "sleepover",( why ever are they called that??,) and spent most of the beautiful day like this...

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