Wednesday, 4 July 2012


A few days past and no time, or maybe inclination ,to write anything...but have some time tonight. Tea cooked ... bangers and mash, onion gravy...YUMMMMM, Ian out, kids all sorted  so no excuse.


I would just like to say now that I LOVE my piano teacher and my piano lessons!!! have just restarted again after several attempts and a few restarts since grade 2ish as a child. I have made real progress this time and am now playing the music that I really love without fretting over finger positions and theory. Have managed  a simple version of "the Piano" theme tune and now having a go at Amelie and also Ludivicio Einuadi, so its good to be able to sit down and have a reasonable go at some lovely toons. Have got Einuadi playing in my ears as I write this, it is such beautiful music and I imagine myself sitting there and being able to play...(no chance)


AM struggling with middle boy (18yrs) just left school. We have always had a turbulent relationship and I know that I am nagging him BIG time right now and I should back off ...but I can't ...How do you do that?? Its driving him and me crazy. I had a bit of a moment in the car today as I was just about to drive off from home and saw someone looking in at my house and I suddenly thought how lucky I am and all the MANY blessings I have and that i am REALLY going to try with Charlie and give him some space. He is taking a gap year to do some travelling and I am fretting about him making enough money to do it ... so I nag!!!

The house is unusually quiet right now as big 3 are working at Wimbledon tennis and Becca's boyfriend is away so we are down on numbers. It was just Joseph and me tonight for supper. Very unusual, we had an interesting chat about prehistoric man and how they lived and what they would eat before they mastered fire and could cook. We both thought hat given the chance to travel back in time to one period that we would go to the Tudors, but the we thought we might bring the Plague back with us, so not so good!


HAve just picked up a lovely book called " the unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry". Just a couple of Chapters in but can already see that its going to be a good one.Certainly better than my last one.."FIFTY SHADES" which is utter rubbish but quite saucy none the less and served a purpose...
Book club tomorrow were we will discuss"Dinner at the homesick cafe". not bad really


The patchwork blanket is getting closer to an end.....YIPPEEE. I think I have about 14 more little squares to do and then the mammoth job of putting it all together. Hope it looks good as has taken up a HUGE amount of time


Though I say it myself I do make the most delicious muesli/granola......
here is its progress

Just before it goes in the oven

just out of the oven and waiting to cool before I add the best bit.... all the dried fruit. Should be ok for breakfast tomorrow

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  1. Debbie blakley7 July 2012 at 19:30

    Just wish you lived nearer Sophie, we like so many of the same things. We could have our own women's institute group! A friend today told me she belongs to a baking club! What a great group that would be! Am going to hunt out that book your reading sounds a good one for holidays once I've finished gone with the wind. Thank you for very special lunch yesterday, happy blogging xxxxxx