Thursday, 30 August 2012



Sam off to Glasgow School of Art next week after a long wait as he missed a place last year, after all the wait and the long build up he is now feeling quite nervous.... Charlie , his younger brother, who has just finished his A levels and having a gap year, is very excited for him. we all went to IKea to buy stuff for him, it could have been a nightmare  but we all had a jolly time, me and my 3 lads, a good memory!!


Have a look at some of the photos and you will see what I mean.... I have decided to attack the bulge with excercise and have vowed to go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, starting tonight.... it was awful... the cross trainer I was on wasn't registering my pulse properly so I was on a very high resistance, I could only manage  20 mins run, so finished with a cycle and a few abs.One of my new years resolutions was to be able to touch my toes so then i had the grim task of stretching my ham strings.... Ahhhhh ...I would rather give birth!!!
I can now touch my toes, just, the next goal is hands on the floor!!


My big girl Becca is home tomorrow.... YIPPEE!! she has had a month in Thailand, really looking forward to seeing her, she has already put in her order for tea... veggie lasange!!

A FEW HOLIDAY SNAPS... As you can see there was car trouble, BIG car trouble, it blew up and needed scrapping. We had to fly home which meant leaving A LOT of stuff behind as we had stuffed the car FULL!!

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