Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I love this time of the week.... Every Wednesday I teach a breastfeeding class to pregnant women, I have done it for 18 years, pretty much every weds so that's quite a lot of talking and teaching. Its not that i dislike the class, I love trying to inspire women to breast feed there babies... its just I have done it so often that I am getting a bit fed up with it sometimes. Actually lately it has felt ok but some weeks it feels like I am speaking to a class of cardboard cutouts, no-one responds to me. That hasn't happened for a while , but it is so demoralising. The other thing that knocks me a bit is when women fall asleep..... I know often they are sleeping poorly at 38 wks pregnant but none the less it is quite off putting to see someone having a snooze when you are giving your all trying to make the class interesting and lively!!
Anyway at this time of day I have done it till next Weds and I have got my piano  lesson to look forward to.....

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