Sunday, 21 October 2012


What do you think of Sunday evenings in term time...????
This week is not so bad as half term starts on Friday and we are off to the LOVELY Isle of Wight, but Sunday evening always feels quite hard work... I do my ironing, now its only 4 of us there is hardly any and then an evening of reading the paper and knitting and Downton Abbey, so not all bad. But then........ before I know it the alarm is going off and its back to the slog!!


A lovely sociable weekend, meeting friends at Strada in Wimbledon on Friday, a lovely evening but felt quite ripped off by the restaurant, an average meal costing quite a bit with very mean portion sizes. Not sure if we will go there again....
Saturday evening was a dinner party at ours...10 including us. It was great fun, lots of laughs and good chat. I had developed a terrible cold and couldn't taste the food as I was cooking it, it tasted rather average to me but seemed to go down well with everyone else! Starters were warm chicken liver salad with homemade bread, followed by seafood lasange, then chocolate torte. I was sniffing and blowing my nose and Antonia was completely hoarse and couldn't speak at all. She normally has quite a bit to say so it was quite amusing to see her relatively silenced!!!

Joseph's friend was here this morning, having to make a film for his homework. It was very amusing... The Terrible Assassin  who kept failing in his mission. Joseph hadn't charged his camera so we had to stop every 2 mins to charge to camera, we managed though. Then we watched some old films the children had made which had me crying with laughter.. the Life of Alan Sugar was the highlight!!


I can't stop eating chocolate today... had some left over ginger chocolate and spiced chilli dark chocolate from last night and I have pretty much eaten half a bar of dark chocolate and am now feeling quite sick.... fast day tomorrow!!!

All in all a great weekend.... Oooh, forgot to say... had a lovely dog walk in Nunhead cemetery , really beautiful and overgrown Victorian cemetery . It was a typical Autumn day, mild but damp and windy, with the trees changing now.. beautiful!!

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