Saturday, 3 November 2012


Well, its been a while again and now lots to catch up on......


Spent a few very lovely days there with the family together again after a couple of months. The weather was mixed but had a few glorious sunny days. We all went out to supper on Sat evening to celebrate our 25th anniversary and had a great evening, very relaxed and fun, playing cards and eating delicious food. I had pigeon breast, it was YUMMY!! The other highlight was clay pigeon shooting, I didn't do  it but everyone else did and on the whole was pretty good. Sam just got it and pretty much hit everything, Becca was also brilliant and managed to hit a double shot. Joseph also managed to hit one in the air which was quite a relief as he was in a bit of a strop!!
The house we stayed in was a bit sparse and chilly to say the least so we had to put in a HUGE list of complaints the next morning and so was much better since then!! Our bed was soooo uncomfortable we were both waking up complaining of pain in our hips, back, neck... Was blissful to get back to our own comfy one!!
The last couple of days it was just Sam ,jo and us so very peaceful. I had some intensive sketching coaching from Sam and did not improve one jot!! so I am retiring from that I think!!


Had a day to ourselves today so after our compulsory row with Charlie we sent off to Borough Market by London Bridge. It is great there, really busy and buzzing and loads of great looking food. I was still feeling full from our celebratory meal at the Bluebird Restaurant so just had a wheatgrass zinger which is yum and also feels very healthy and good for you. There are amazing bread stalls with the most fantastic looking loaves that I aspire too. Lots of tasters and samples too.


 have been seeing a few movies this week..... First saw "Ruby Sparks" which we gave 6.5/10, quite amusing and an interesting idea. On the IoW saw "Skyfall", James Bond,Daniel Craig is very sexy and the film was actually very well done and exciting, a definite 8/10. Just home now from "Beasts of the Southern Wild".... what was that about.... we just didn't get it at all. Good acting esp from the 6 yr old star but I have no idea what the meaning of it was!!

Not really movies but we have been watching a TV documentary on the BBC about Icebergs. All very beautiful and interesting scenery but the most ridiculous investigations which presumably cost the license payer quite a few million. One of the unknown facts they discovered after diving around the base of the iceberg was that the water there was"salty and cold". That was something I just hadn't realised, that the sea in the Arctic Ocean was salty and cold... Good old BBC!!


One last thing.... At last the weather has got cold enough for me to wear my NEW COAT..... its soooo lovely and warm and cosy and toasty... so here it is

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