Sunday, 25 November 2012


Where is time going at the moment .. one minute it was the beginning of the new school year , now its nearly the end of term and ONE month to Christmas .


This is why I havent been able to write so much this week as I have been soooo busy getting ready for my little Christmas Sale. I had about 5 other stalls , selling various bits and pieces here at home . It was a FOUL day and sadly not so many people came through the door. That was a shame and I felt some degree of responsibility though it is up to everyone to make it a success  I did very well  actually, selling quite a bit of knitting but more food, chilli jam and granola was a BIG hit. It was a lovely friendly atmosphere so hopefully more folk will come next year if we do it again....
Also raised some money for a charity called Voices of Experience, supporting women and children affected by domestic violence. 

DODGY LODGER                                                                                
Started yesterday in quite an alarming way, A knock on the door at 6am from our lodger who then started asking where everyone was...?? Clearly completely confused. We were quite freaked out and after some more weird chat with him we had to ask him to leave then and there. It was all very unfortunate. Luckily he had a cousin who could take him in and in fact she texted later in the day to say he had been admitted to hospital  with severe dehydration which probably explained his behaviour but at the time he appeared to be going bonkers. He had also gone into our other lodgers room asking the same thing and turning the light on!!                                                                                            

Its still very mild here but it has been very very windy and lots of rain. great fun taking the dogs for a walk, really muddy and wet and handily I am looking after an extra dog this week and a very hairy shaggy one at that,,,!!! Last night we forgot to lock the sidegate and at 3am it started BANGING  A LOT, poor Ian had to go out in the cold, dark and wet to lock it, avoiding the dog poo there as well.. a great nights sleep!!

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