Wednesday, 14 November 2012


what is shocking is how bad I am at keeping this up to date!!

Here is another confession from my dreadful dogs.... Last night I made a beautiful banana loaf of which one slice was eaten. This morning the dogs managed to get it from the work surface and polish it off.... no breakfast for them!!

So what has been happening???


My sister and I went down to stay with my mum this weekend in Stroud, in the Cotswolds. It was beautiful weather with the trees all changing and lovely little villages in Cotswold stone. We always do the same thing every visit, first a visit to the LOVELY farmers market with loads of great food and pottery and soaps and creams etc etc. Then on to Nailsworth , another lovely village and a visit to Emmaus charity shop where I come away with armfuls of bits and pieces, tea and cake in a coffee shop and then an evening in front of the fire with our knitting and some games thrown in... all very relaxing and fun. I shared a BIG double bed with my sister and we spent a good amount of time nattering into the night!!
I had the strangest journey home on Sunday... The trains were being repaired so there was a bus service some of the way.. When I first got on there was a man at the back of the bus talking rather loudly to someone on the phone. It soon became obvious that it was someone he hadn't met before and they were going to meet up later. My imagination was running wild and I think it was a lady he had met on the internet.. He was going into huge detail about his life, his various children (6) , one who dies and another he wasn't speaking too, clearly from several different women. then he began asking her if she was Jewish and then very loudly and clearly explained to the rest of the now filling bus that even though he was RC that he was circumcised and so was one of his sons...... the conversation continued but I had my fingers in my ears....


I am having a little sale at my house next weekend with a few friends just selling our crafty hobbies. I have got shed loads of knitting and will make granola and some pickles. There is jewellery and food and all sorts, so I am knitting like a nutter at the moment, ( one reason why I have not done this for a while)


We have finally done it... we have had a tattoo each, I can't get the photos to send so i will have to load them later. i have a little gecko on my left foot and Ian has the Hindu elephant god on his upper arm.  Its quite sore I can tell you.. i put some numbing cream on so at first it wasn't too bad but it got sorer and sorer as time went by, it took about 40 mins. I love it!!!
Still can't get pics to send so will have to leave it for another time....

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