Sunday, 30 June 2013


I am pleased to say that I have found a pretty good cure for wrinkles...

It all started with getting fitted for contact lenses, suddenly I could see my skin really well, too well in fact , as now the wrinkles are 2x enlarged..... quite a shock I can tell you. However although this is a downside to being able to see without glasses, there is an upside. Contact lenses should be put on before your make up so you have less risk of getting chunks of mascara in your eye as you make endless attempts to get the blinking things in. I must say, my make up is looking soooo much better since I have been able to see what I am actually doing. The trick is then to take the lenses out and look at yourself again.... 20 yrs of wrinkles have disappeared in a flash, its the best miracle cure and involves no surgery or even creams!! Obviously this is usually done just before bed so not so helpful really but it certainly makes me feel a lot better as I'm cleaning my teeth!

I hadn't noticed how overgrown my eyebrows had become.... until I put the lenses in

so a quick trip to the threading lady sorted them out

can you see the difference???

We have been looking after a sweet but BONKERS dog!

Here he is looking sweet and normal

but he has a DARK side......

He is obsessed with the washing machine, literally attacks the washing as it is pulled out and then jumps into the drum and licks it furiously, panting and quivering. He cannot be left alone with the machine, he would spend the entire day inside it!!!


  1. Your wrinkle cure makes me wish I required contacts! :-)

    That is so funny that the dog your are taking care of likes the washing machine. I have never heard of that before!

    1. He is an hilarious character, quite old now so when he starts quivering in front of the machine I worry that he will keel over and croak it.....!!