Wednesday, 29 August 2012



What an adventure we have had.... Went on a camping holiday to Italy, the lakes which was fabulous, beautiful towns, great markets, clear blue water in the lakes, amazing light in Venice, lots of fun with the boys,wonderful food... I could go on but then..... the car blew up... yes actually had steam coming out of the bonnet and liquid bubbling out into  the road, quite impressive really. Thank God for the AA as we basically rang up as if in UK and they sorted it, more or less..... The radiator was shot to bits and the garage couldn't be sure that it would work even with a new rad so we decided to ditch it.....  Didn't think i was emotional about cars but I felt sad walking away and leaving it behind, poor old thing had done its best to get us all the way there and drive us around until the last 2 days but it died!!


As usual woke early thinking about how much washing I had to do so no lie in for me, also had a rotten headache as didn't have much of a chance to drink yesterday and was very dehydrated. Put some washing on , only to realise 3hrs later that I hadn't actually turned it on so didn't get as much done as I had hoped. Looking after a friend's 2 dogs so have 4 to walk , feed etc. 2 found a rotting carcass in the garden and rolled in it, the smell was unbelievable, I washed 1 dog twice,cleaned her teeth, still vile, later realised it was still on her collar, even after a good wash, that still smells, must say I am off dogs at the moment!!
Off to do a private ante natal class   which is always an effort to leave but generally fine when i am there, very nice woman, so we had a good old natter and the fee goes into my envelope under the bed for my special treats.....

Haven't uploaded my photos yet but will do so shortly and stick a few up here.....

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