Tuesday, 7 August 2012


We haven't turned the telly off for 10 days now .... its been soooo exciting and good old Team GB, doing so well and on the whole making it look quite easy. Easy to forget the hours and hours a day of very hard training to get all those medals!


Charlie was 18 a couple of weeks ago and celebrated in Aiya Napa on a boys trip which involved ,I'm sure, lots of things a mother shouldn't know that her child is doing. However to make up for that we had a small party at home with close family friends.It was very low key but really just perfect! We all watched Murray beat Federer and win a gold medal and cycling events and rounded off with 100m final! A great day!

Though I say so myself the food turned out to be delicious, slow roasted chicken with chorizio and sweet potatoes. The main event was the cake, made by a friend of mine who is FANTASTIC! She has made cakes for us on several occasions and they are always AMAZING

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