Sunday, 19 May 2013


A different day today ...
this is what I was doing...

My choir recorded 5 songs... I was not really looking forward to it as I thought I would get found out as a really awful singer... but I managed to escape yet again and we all sounded great. The first song, Feeling Good, took ages but we got better and better and we managed to do a couple with almost one take with a few little "drop ins", (see I have even picked up the jargon). Can't wait till we hear the whole thing! Karen , our leader is a professional singer and sounded sooo great.

Otherwise a pretty quiet weekend, Becca is home for a few days, she is here for an interview for a 3 month trip in the Autumn to work with a charity. Everyone will be back soon, Sam finishes early June, Becca leaves uni for good and then just waiting for Charlie to come home in late July.

This is Charlies uni blanket, it look great and i am especially pleased with my scalloped edging!!

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