Thursday, 16 May 2013

ITS OVER.......

Just finished a weeks worth of study days, we have to do mandatory training every year. That means sitting in a classroom from 9-5 for 4 days, its a bit of an ordeal. We have rather boring lectures on fire procedures, manual handling, mentorship up dates and then some more interesting things like adult and neonatal resus and skills and drills of obstetric emergencies. The latter involves scenarios of very scary events which you maybe see just  a few times in your career but you NEVER forget them when you do. For example catastrophic haemorrhage , shoulders getting stuck, umbilical cord falling out before the baby, I could go on, all very scary. There are some real characters who have been in that hospital for years and have seen and dealt with everything, thats the person you want looking after your daughter when they have a baby!!  Although its a long week, it is quite a laugh being with a bunch of midwives, there is a real sisterhood between us!!

Managed to get to the movies last night to see "Mud", we gave it 7.5 /10, enjoyed the packet of Revels very much too...!!!

Becca has now officially finished her degree as she handed in her last essay on tuesday and is now home for a few days, mainly for an interview for a 3 month charity experience in India starting in Oct!! Exciting!!!

Charlie seems to be having a really great time in NZ, seems to have been skydiving with a massive hangover...... Also had another tattoo. Off to Thailand later in the week for the FULL MOON  party... just want to know when that is all over!!

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  1. I'm sure you are glad to be finished with your mandatory training. I don't think I have the ability to sit in a classroom for a whole day any more. I could barely do it when I was younger!