Friday, 3 May 2013


A busy few days and best of all, SPRING IS HERE. the suns out and its warm... after such a long winter its hard to believe its here.

Highlight of the week was a surprise visit to see Becca on her 23rd birthday. Her flatmates had a cunning plan to keep her home and I snuck in!! it was lovely to see her and she looked happy too!!

Also managed to do quite well with present choices.... Jo Malone perfume, what's not to like there?? a wall hanging thingy,,,(!!??) and then these

This is the beginning of a patchwork granny square blanket, its looking rather colourful. Much quicker to make than the knitted one I did for Sam

It has been wonderful to wake up to the sun coming in and even the dog walks have been wonderful

I even heard a cuckoo which was a real treat, I don't think I have heard one since I lived at home so I was quite surprised to hear one in London.

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