Monday, 27 May 2013


 No excuses really, I just haven't seemed to find the time to sit down in front of the keyboard....

Before I start I just must tell you what i am listening to on the headphones which transport me back about 35 years... Janis Ian, At Seventeen. we were out at friends on Friday and somehow got into singing  and listening to old songs from our youth and this was one of the ones that i listened to all the time feelinh all the emotion in the words. It just takes me back but then I was listening to it on a vinyl record and writing my diary with a pen and paper!!  Hahahaaa, just remember how my very funny and rather drunk friend described her ,as we were saying how depressing the songs were... "self harm on a stool"it did make me laugh. It must have been my general frame of mind at 17 as I am not feeling that at all now at 51!!!
 The next morning I bought the album on ITunes and still loving it!!!

So what has been happening.... a bank holiday her for us in the UK and you won't believe but the sun has been OUT.... 1st time for 2 wks that we have seen blue sky and not had to wear a scarf and gloves... global warming ?? where are you when we need you???

Have had a great weekend, starting on friday evening with supper with very old friends, lots of prosecco, great food and singing... hangover the following morning was not so much fun though.... However the day got better as Ian and I seemed to be on our own and we went to the Kings road for a wander and to see how the other half live. The Chelsea flower show was on so the whole place was buzzing.
 Feeling rather jaded we wandered into the Saatchi gallery there and stumbled on a dreadful exhibition... this was one of the pieces.....
Call me old fashioned but is a blank blackboard art??? I suppose the fact that I took a photo and have commented on it makes it have some value......

saturday evening we watched "hope Springs"with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones about a long time marriage on its knees , it was a comedy but was quite thought provoking about how easy it can be to let it all go.... and get way too comfortable with each other.

Sunday and the sun was still shining so Ian did his usual 45 mile cycle and then we went off here ..

 As it was such a lovely afternoon it was heaving here too, but none the less was great and a lively buzzy atmosphere.

Also a more peaceful view!!

This morning an AMAZING thing happened... we both woke early but then fell back to sleep until this time

Couldn't believe it, The 1st time in years that we have laid in like that, I am usually awake at 6.30 on a weekend!!

We went to the seaside today, along with most of south east london. We went to Whitstable and it was a delight, managed a spot of sunbathing

 Also lots of lovely seafood..

 So overall a great day and lovely weekend, back to work for Ian , i have half term but the weather has gone and its back to heavy rain for 3 days....

Oh and Huxley has a bad back....

 I went to the vet and promptly handed over £84 for a couple of injections and a tube of cream, I am not in any hurry to go back there!!!

Here is a rather good picture I took of the Shard, you can see what glorious springtime weather we were having that day!!

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