Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Well its pretty much all over and what a lovely time we have all had....

started with a christmas eve drinks with friends , followed by Midnight mass which was packed and quite a long slog but very nice and managed to have all 4 children there, don't think we have all been to Mass for a long time.
 managed to get to bed about 2am and was woken by a thunder clap and lightening and 7!! dont think I have EVER been woken by thunder on Christmas morn, thought it would wake Joseph but he managed until 9 ish. Then we had the usual dogs and kids on the bed with our stockings but this year we had a stocking too courtesy of the offspring! A success this year as Joseph didn't cry for the 1st time in a few years. He had a notice on the fridge promising not to cry this year.

Then we had the usual drinks and carols which was lovely though we missed John banging out Slade songs so we were just civilised with carols. People stayed till 3 so we had a late pressie opening sess. That was SOOOOO nice , we all gave out a pressie one at a time and watched as each one opened. the kids had all bought decent pressies for everyone so they were understanding the joy of giving as well as receiving . I got some lovely things, Joseph has made a head and shoulders of himself which was a pressie for me, its great and Sam did a photo of Ian and i and then got us to write a few words for each other which he then created some funky letters to say it, that was so sweet and really lovely words that we both said!

The main event....... The meal turned out gorgeous , turkey was cooked to perfection, bread sauce was delish, gravy superb , and the veg divine so we all ate till we could eat no more untill it went down a bit and then we had lemon tart that Becca had made. Finishing with an hilarious game of ARTICULATE  and Charlie and I narrowly scraped through as winners!!

All in all one of the best!!

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