Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Finished work today for a couple of weeks, God i LOVE my term time contract!!

Started off well as was supposed to be doing the breast feeding workshop but not many turned up so I didn't need to attend....HORAAAH!! Had 3 post natal visits to do and 2 out of 3 doing well. Last lady was struggling with milk supply and the baby was hungry, just 3 days old but milk slow in coming in. Chatted to her about giving some formula as I was worried about the baby getting dehydrated. Don't like doing that as i feel it affects the mothers confidence and can be downhill all the way to formula feeding . we decided to wait another day to see if milk would come in next few hours, fingers crossed.


Poor old Joseph has been poorly for several days with a fever. He always throws off a MASSIVE temp for quite a few days before a cold comes out. He has done that since he was a teeny baby, not so scary now but so pleased that he seems to be thru it tho he is shattered from it. Tried to go for a sleep over this evening but was home again 2 hrs later.... Hope thats the end of it though.


A small surge of social stuff, dinner party here tomorrow, gonna do smoked haddock lasagne. we do a secret santa which is always a bit of a larf , I have got a mankini for the boy who picks mine!! then a cocktail party no less for one of Becca's friends on friday night and almost forgot the Christmas breakfast here on friday morn. Then Ian's birthday on Sunday. think we will all go to see "life of Pi" and a meal out at Fujiama's in Brixton!!

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