Friday, 14 December 2012


I have always had a big problem with pastry and have pfaffed about with it being too dry or too wet, falling to pieces burning etc. Well last night I had a revelation.....

I had planned a quiche for tea but had no ready made pastry in the fridge. I REALLY didn't want to go to Sainsburys to get some so... I made it myself in the food processor. It took about 2 mins and came out so beautiful, soft and stretchy, easy to roll. I even managed to blind bake it so it didn't have a soggy bottom and Joe, Becca's b/f said it was the BEST quiche he had ever had!!!
I am a converted woman and plan to start on some mince pies next though I think sweet crust is a bit more tricky... I will let you know!!

Just to show off a bit more here is a picture of the chicken pie I made the other night.... shop bought puff pastry I have to admit

please  note the festive decoration.....


We have lost our lovely cold crisp bright frosty days and returned to dark, grey cloudy wet and windy. Its not so cold, in fact very mild but I prefer the frosty days, it makes me feel christmassy!!

Sam on way home from Glasgow tonight.... YIPEEE. Please God everyone home again tonight!!

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