Friday, 21 December 2012


A flurry of socialness....
A lovely christmas dinner party with 8 of us, all old friends, have been friends for ages and this has been a tradition we have done for a while.We had a secret santa, boys buy for the girls and girls for the boys. I got a tea bag saucer and a little tea book , we all got good fun presents. a success all round!

Swiftly followed by a Christmas breakfast

Not too many arrived which was actually good as I was struggling with the coffee machine and it was really nice and relaxed and Christmassy. I think we will do it every year now.


So far so good....... just a few hours to go! someone suggested it was the end of one era and beginning  of another which I like more and so it feels like a fresh start!

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  1. -25° here this morning and more in forecast for next several days, so won't be going to Tatla Lake for big turkey supper tonight, just to nasty to be out on mountain roads by myself. Will instead cook a small turkey breast and stay in with some rather pleasant knitting. Merry Christmas to you and yours.