Monday, 10 December 2012


Should really be hibernating now so haven't got the enthusiasm  to write loads... Also sleeping badly, my mind is too busy so after I wake to go to the loo I really struggle to get to sleep again, most annoying.
We had a major dinner party on Sat for 12 and i ended up going to bed at 2.30 and waking at 7 and then not being able to sleep after that. Was very sleepy on Sun and marginally hungover so was rather grumpy. Slept better last night. One of the problems is I don't like going to bed, would rather stay up and knit until well after midnight and then read as well.


this is my Christmas present for my 3yr old God son.....  I hope they fit, I think I may have made them a bit small, I can't remember how little a 3 yr old hands are....

Anyhow I have now finished my Christmas knitting and am crocheting a blanket with a various selection of wool I bought ages ago.

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