Saturday, 16 March 2013


March is disappearing so fast, big ones home from Uni just next week, Charlie off to Australia 2 wks today....... AHHHHHH

Anyway, back to the heading!!
On Thursday an old friend, by that i mean that we have been friends for 33 yrs( can you believe that Debbie??) went to the knit and stitch show. What a delight that is, we were both in heaven.Almost without fail EVERY SINGLE stall had something to make you stop and look. It was such a friendly atmosphere, pretty much ALL women, everyone chatting and interested, I had a glancing thought.... this is what the world would be like if it was ruled by women..... or maybe I should change that to ruled by knitters!!??

The wool was spectacular , so much that it was almost overwhelming and I only bought 1 ball with which i made this.....

What I always find very amusing is the types that go to these shows, of which i am one of course!! we were in some confusion as to what train, station etc, etc to go to. As I was talking to Debbie and looking at the train map I realised the entire coach was full of women , all carrying homemade bags, funky scarves, maybe with groovy coloured hair and i knew I was on the right train!

In keeping with my Lenten resolve I didn't buy too much, mainly patterns, so now I just need to get going.


in keeping with the British tradition I am going to have to talk about weather. About 10 days ago it was Spring, then Winter returned with  a vengeance and it was the coldest day for something like 30yrs. It was cold but blue sky and sunny, and the sun felt warm. Then friday... well what an awful day..... freezing wind , driving rain. It blew a gale all night and continued into the morning, I just couldn't face walking the dogs. When is Spring going to arrive? We are on the Isle of Wight for easter and some reasonable weather would be gratefully received.


Had a bit of a sleepless night last night worrying about a new arrival ,now 48hrs old who hadn't done a poo since birth.  Baby looked good when i saw her during the day but doing the most stinky farts.... It is very unusual for a baby not to pass that meconium very quickly after birth as colostrum is a laxative. I then started to worry that the pooey smell was coming for the babies mouth, meaning that the baby had a bowel obstruction. I have looked after the mother with her previous baby and knew she was a sensible woman so we talked about how the baby might behave if she became ill. I spent the night worrying that I had done the wrong thing and should have sent her to A and E, but you do not want to go to Kings A and E on a friday night, its madness, lots of drunks, stabbings , all sorts. Anyhow I was very pleased to hear that she did a poo at 6 this morning. Who would have thought that a dirty nappy could bring soooo much joy!!

Come on England in the  6 Nations, lets get the GRand Slam


  1. Didn't we have fun at the knit show. Knitted the scarf and a pair of fingerless gloves. Now finishing cardigan. Got so many nice patterns now can't decide what to knit next!! Can't wait to go to the next one! If the weather continues like this there will be lots of demand for woollies!! Xxx

    1. Yes we did have a lovely day! I have just started the curly scarf, and in my usual organised way have managed to mislay the pattern... liuckily I had already looked at it and its pretty straightforward. Hopefully by the time i finish it it will be to warm to wear it!!???