Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Well, another weekend passing in a flash and i realise I haven't written for quite a while.

Becca came home for the weekend and arrived sporting a heavy cold, so that was a shame as she hadn't seen Joe, her boyfriend, for quite a while and spent most of the weekend feeling dreadful.
Lots of rugby on this weekend and so we spent all day Saturday in front of the TV. Could have been worse, the weather has been FREEZING.... the coldest all winter I think with a bitter, bitter wind. It is sunny today but no warmer. This time last march we were having a heat wave and sunbathing... all looked soooo promising for a hot summer but instead turned into the wettest summer in living history. Surely its time we are due a long hot summer???

Mothers day last Sunday, I was given some lovely cards with sweet words which made me cry... Joseph gave me £5 as he hadn't bought me a present which was quite amusing. We had a mothers day brunch as we were off to Twickenham to see England play, so no roast that day. Sam joined us on Skype and we perched him on top of a cereal packet and kept moving him around so he could see everyone!!

Then off to the rugby.....  huge stadium and 82,000 there. I must say it was very stirring standing and singing the National Anthem with 82,000 people, it bought a tear to my eye!!! The match was VERY dull and England played very poorly and really didn't deserve to win. None the less it was quite a spectacle and we did have a cornish pasty after the match, i had a veggie one!!


I can't stop knitting snoods, there is actually another one too, a nice red and white, I can knock one up in a couple of days and they are quite satisfying , I also LOVE wearing them, especially in this weather.


  1. Your snood is just what I needed today it has been so cold out. Wasn't it really cold watching the Rugby?
    Sarah x

    1. I have got the most amazingly warm coat from TK Maxx, I call it my bear suit ( see earlier posts) I am a really cold person but with the coat and a few thermals i was toasty. Also our seats were not in the wind but quite sheltered. I am so thankful for my warm house and cosy bed in this weather and really can't imagine how cold it must be if you are homeless

  2. Hi Sophie, just love the chunky purple snood! are they easy to knit? do you have any easy patterns you'd recomend? I think they are so snuggly! Emmax

    1. Hi Emma,
      the snood is really easy to knit. Its from a book called "cowl girls" which had loads of lovely snoods etc. Its knitted in honeycomb stitch on a round needle, and once i get going takes me a couple of evenings. it grows really quickly

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