Friday, 22 March 2013


Is there anyone who can tell me why I woke at 6am this morning??? Joseph is off school with a fever , Ian is away, my bed is warm and cosy and its relatively quiet. I remembered to turn off the alarm and yet I was wide awake and nowhere near going back to sleep. Every single morning this week my alarm has woken me from a deep , deep sleep at 6.45. I'm not feeling tired so I guess its that I didnt need any more sleep..... most annoying though!!

One of the reasons I was lying awake could have been that i was thinking about my Red Nose breakfast. that has just finished. Last night I made lovely granola, sourdough bread, raspberry jam and then this morning a whole group of ladies came over for breakfast and coffee and leave a donation for a charity called Red Nose Day, which is a nationwide event, happening always around this time of year, highly supported by celebs who do all sorts of challenges for which the general public sponsor them. No celebs for breakfast but just my mates and quite a success I think. We raised £120 and everyone was having a great time, sadly I was stuck by the coffee machine, everytime I got my bottom anywhere near the  chair to join in, the door bell rang again!!

Sorry but I am just going to have to mention the weather AGAIN...... What the hell is going on??? its bloody freezing again, grey and with an icy bitter wind. The weekend is getting even colder with no real sign of any improvement. Am busily taking my Vit D tablets to try and kid my body into thinking its not midwinter still, I feel as though I am living in Narnia, with everlasting winter!!

Busy weekend ahead, a day trip to a friend in the country for lunch and then 13 for lunch here on Sunday. Becca home this afternoon so the whole brood together for a few days before Charlie leaves for Oz!!!!

Meant to take some photos of the breakfast but was chained to the coffee machine and forgot.....

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