Thursday, 7 March 2013


I am afriad I am going to have to tell you a longish a rather boring story.. bear with me as I am REALLY pleased with the ending......

At the beginning of Dec , at a HUGE expense we had a wood burner fitted in what we call the Winchester, a little Snug" off the kitchen. Had to have the chimney lined and scaffolding put up to do that so it was not a cheap exercise. We have a wood burner in the front room which has been brilliant, so warm and efficient., so I had high hopes for this one.
Right from the beginning I was not happy with it as I felt it didn't give out as much heat as it should be. No one believed me or took much notice of my whinging so I began to doubt myself. In Jan some friends were over and I began whingeing to them about the stove and my friend who also has a wood burner agreed with me and suggested that I ring the stove fitter which I did the next day. He also didn't believe me and told me to fiddle with a few knobs etc as I wasn't closing it all down. I did this with very little change. I called him again and he said he was going on holiday so to ring back after if i was still having problems. So I did . We arranged an appointment for him to come and have a look. He didn't turn up. I was beginning to doubt there was a problem myself but while we were away in Morocco convinced myself to get it sorted. I called him when we got home and this time he came and guess what .....there was a HUGE part missing. I can't remember what it is called now but it is basically a plate that stops all the heat going up the chimney. Of course the stove fitter guy felt rather sheepish and couldn't do enough to sort it out. To be fair it wasn't really his fault as it should have come completed.
After another hiccup of the original company forgetting to send the part till he phoned again and then yesterday when he arrived it looked like the piece was the wrong size, we finally got the whole fire completed.

Last night in the Winchester it got soooo warm and cosy that I had to take my jumper off.... now thats what I call a RESULT.

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