Friday, 1 March 2013


Say no more really...... A complete day off today... hoooraaah! although I don't work very much most often I do an hour or 2 most days, certainly weekdays and so a WHOLE day off is quite rare, so to put off hoovering and washing I decided to sort through my wool stash.

As you can see I have plenty of wool and what a pleasant hour or 2 passes whilst fiddling around looking at what has been forgotten at the bottom of the basket!!  I need to spend some time on Ravelery to find some more patterns.

Here is a new project I have on the go.....

It is going to be a blanket for Charlie to take  to Uni in Sept. I seem to have started a tradition of making each child a knitted blanket to take with them as a reminder of home. Charlies is the biggest so far! poor Becca has the worst deal so far as I made her a rather shabby looking thing i made when I was rediscovering knitting a few years ago. I have promised to make her a GIANT one when she gets married !!

This is the wool that I will use, its all funny old bits and pieces and I am just pulling them out at random , not really trying to match colours.


  1. I agree that playing with yarn is a better choice than cleaning! It's a very nice tradition you have going with knitting each of your children a blanket to take to university. I am a hopeless blanket knitter. I run out of enthusiasm about halfway through.

  2. I can't believe after the sky scarf you can't manage a blanket...... when I made a knitted patchwork blanket for SamI got ridiculously bored with knitting small squares but once i started putting it altogether it looked so good I was inspired to keep going

  3. Another vote here for all things yarn being preferable to housework. But you have left me acutely aware of my excessive stash which would tower over yours. I have boxes and boxes of the stuff! Is there any hope for me I wonder!

    1. I find it so addictive, buying wool. I do it mostly online and given a quiet moment I seem to be magnetically pulled to wool website and then all is lost!!
      I have given up buying wool online for lent!!! along with meat, not sure which is more of a loss!!