Saturday, 1 June 2013


The last week our house has been very quiet... just Ian , Joseph and me. All rather calm and reasonably civilised.
There has however been a small irritation for me....... for the past few days no one has been bothered to remove the empty toilet roll off a very simple and straight forward little post that is stuck on the wall just behind the loo. It simply involves lifting the empty roll off and slipping the other full one on. I decided to see how long it would be before someone else decided to lift the loo roll off the floor beside the loo, easy to get to, or more awkwardly twist around to get it off the back of the loo or off the window sill. For several days it remained unchanged until I finally did it, only to find that as the "new" roll was almost finished and we were back where we started just a few days ago!! I relented immediately  this time, I was fighting a losing battle!!

Even worse when Becca gets home she balances the new roll on top of the empty one... little annoyances I know in the scheme of things but on a bad day .....

A few dog photos is all I have to offer I'm afraid ...I am dog sitting 2 delightful little westies and I can't stop taking photos of them!!

They are so sweet and such characters and completely rule the roost even though they are so much smaller than my dogs!!

Joseph and i had a day out in Covent garden and found this rather painful looking poster


  1. aha that tricky old loo roll who cleans out the bath!! Answer to loo roll I decided it wasa waste of time to have to change a loo roll...just add up the seconds and minutes it takes ove the years... so we just have loo rolls in baskets. Result: no one has to change it...mind you they don't always get put back in the basket...

  2. My answer to your title question will come as no surprise. I am the person who changes the toilet paper roll in our home. It is something that has left me shaking my head many a time over the years. My children all appear to be bright, inventive, creative people, yet this one life skill seems to be something that is beyond all of them. The thing I find the most amazing is one of my five won't change the roll, but she will take it off the hanger and turn it around the other way once I have changed it. :-)