Wednesday, 13 February 2013


A bad start to the day..... Joseph had a late start and that meant we could have a small lie in, so bearing that in mind I read my book (The Memory of Love) for a little longer than I normally would. So did I sleep in?? NO! I woke at 5.20 to nip to the loo and then lay there awake for the next hour and a half, my mind racing before drifting off at about 7!!

The next frustration is that I sat in a GIGANTIC traffic jam to take Joseph to the station as they are tresurfacing a road  near us so it was gridlocked every which way. We sat in a queue going the wrong way and of course it was ALL MY FAULT.....In the end dropped him at a different station which he could have walked to in 7 mins but which instead we sat in the car arguing for 15!!!

Anyway... all calm now , Breast feeding workshop over and none for 2 wks.......yipeeeeee

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