Monday, 4 February 2013

The days pass so quickly and I haven't managed to write a thing, or else I haven't got a thing to write.....

Well, another weekend passed and it felt brief as always,
ian is doing some travelling these last 2 wks and will only have spent 2 nights at home in 2 wks. In the past he has done A LOT of travelling and not so much lately and if any just a night or 2 so I have to admit to feeling rather miserable about it. Rather pathetically I even shed a tear!! Started to think about soldiers going away and leaving their partners for months and being in a war zone, how awful must that feel?? doesn't even bear thinking about......

Knitted a different hat.... it didn't turn out well......

It was too small for a start, and only just fitted Joseph! You are meant to turn it into a snood whenever the fancy takes you . I must say it goes quite well with his school uniform but I am fairly sure they would NOT approve!! Not sure I will have another go with that one!!

Had my 1 st proper lesson this morning, and it was REALLY great. Came out feeling tall and light! It a little like cranial osteopathy, I hope it makes a difference but I have to say my back is killing me now!


Had a break through today at work. Have been visiting this lady who had a c-s a week  ago and has been struggling with feeding. The baby just would NOT take the breast. We tried everything with limited success. The baby lost a load of weight and so there was no choice but to resort to bottles. Luckily Mum had loads of milk and was able  to give mostly breast milk. Today we tried at the breast again and she took it!!! She was calm and patient and did pretty well, hope its a start. I tried a different position with the baby straddling mums leg and coming straight onto the breast face on. The delivery had been quite stressfuk and I wonder if the baby had a stiff neck which made more conventional positions uncomfortable. Fingers crossed it will continue.....

Off to choir now though I might just stay at home and knit. Woke at 5.30 so what with that and fasting feeling pretty ropey now......


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