Friday, 15 February 2013


Just back from an early morning session at the gym, just 23 mins on the cross trainer, feeling rather pleased with myself as I went yesterday evening too. Mind you have really not been doing well with my gym effort. its been soooo chilly and miserable it was just too much effort when the fire and knitting needles are calling.

Another good start.... The SUN is OUT, there is blue sky and it is light. Yesterday was so mild it felt like spring but cold again this morning with frost on the windscreen.However sun is GOOD, blue sky is GOOD! Am waiting for my shipment of Vit D to arrive to perk me up after all this grey.

NO work today, i am pretty much officially on annual leave, have my lovely daughter here and we are planning a dog walk and breakfast in the Lido cafe in Brockwell park. Also have a snotty husband at home which isn't so good.

Well then off to my shower to begin the day in earnest!

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