Thursday, 28 February 2013


Oh I don't know........ I love my boys to bits but they drive me INSANE at times and i feel that I am losing control of them as they become physically bigger and stronger.

Last night was a typical example, nice relaxed evening, just Charlie(18) Joseph(13) me and the lodger at home having supper, all fine and relaxed. Messing about starts when I ask them to help clear which they do after some considerable pffaffing. So , a good time for me to do some piano practise. I had just had a lesson earlier and was full of inspiration. i had literally played 6 bars and the shouting starts. Some unseen incident and Joseph is MAD with frustration and slamming doors and screaming at me to tell Charlie off, which incidentally is a complete waste of time. I decide to take the no intervention approach and carry on trying to practise in spite of all the shouting etc. Its only when I hear some very loud banging that I stop as I fear Joseph has taken a weapon of sorts to Charlie's door and we have only recently had all the doors painted.

Anyway all rather boring but after quite of lot of shouting from me and idle threats I manage to get them both to stay in their rooms for the rest of the night, but the thing is, it was close. I really felt that they could do whatever they wanted and I am in no position to make them stop. Charlie is 6ft+ and Joseph isn't so tall yet but VERY strong and in the heat of the moment was pushing me around a bit which I am NOT happy about and was the reason he had to stay in his room. Rather sweetly the 1st thing he said to me this morning when i woke him was"sorry Mum"........

He is the youngest of the 4 , you think I would have worked it all out by now and know how to handle teenagers.....???

Did actually go back to my piano practise and beginning to master a lovely piece by Einaudi called "ombre". Even Ian almost gave me a compliment.... he had had a few pints though!!!

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