Monday, 25 February 2013


Bad case of post holidays blues over the weekend........ Mainly caused by the grey and VERY cold weather, not a hint of sunshine. The weather was so lovely and sunny in Marrakech it was very hard to believe that after 3 hrs on the plane it would be SOOOOOOO cold!!

ANyhow , enough moaning , we were very lucky to have such a break at all! And what a wonderful time it was too. Marrakech itself is pretty dirty and smelly and you certainly know that you are in a country in Africa. However it has a real charm and after feeling slightly intimidated the 1st night by all the men in their hoods and the traffic and noise it was very friendly and relaxed. We were absolutley HOPELESS at bartering and probably paid well over the price we needed to on pretty much everything we  bought, but it was very hard to  the value of the money as clearly they didn't have the same value that we did and most likely a few of the shop keepers could shut up shop for a month after we left!!

Our hotel was beautiful, a riad with beautiful mosaic everywhere and fountains in the courtyard. We had a fireplace in our room which was so cosy as it was chilly in the evening. We sat on the terrace every morning and had our breakfast in the sun with storks nesting on the place walls opposite!!!

here are a selection of pickies to give you a feel of the place


  1. Hello :) I just found my way here via Kristie, pleased to meet you!

    Lovely images in this post :)

    1. Hi, just left a message on your blog!!!
      FANTASTIC pictures yo take!!