Thursday, 4 April 2013


Well , those few days passed in a flash.... but how lovely they were!

Our Easter weekend started with a few tears.... Charlie left for 4 months to travel around OZ,NZ and SE Asia. The build up to these long absences are dreadful, worrying about getting everything organised, things going wrong, saying goodbyes to various people in the run up,etc etc. Tensions were running high. To make matters worse,Charlie and I have , what you might call, a volatile relationship, ie we explode at each other at any available opportunity. We had a MONSTER row about a week before he left but on a good note we do patch it up pretty well. However saying goodbye to him was hard and I did have a few tears to shed. That got everyone going so we all had a little weep.

Ian and i set off to the Isle of Wight by ourselves with the remaining 3 coming the following day! what a treat that was...In the evening we went to a lovely pub and had a BLOW OUT meal of seafood platter...... YUM,YUM and YUM..... Lobster, squid, mussels crab , prawns, scallops... Are you getting the picture?? We could hardly move after.....

Although the wind was unbelievably cold it was bright and sunny and we had 3 lovely days with long walks on the beaches, card games in the pub, I had my 1st roast for 6 wks after giving up meat for Lent, lots and lots of chocolates and a lovely day with friends. we always stay in Seaview which has the most glorious beaches just a few minutes from the flat. It is sooo good for the soul to walk the dogs on the empty beaches and restore the mind and body with some sea air!!

Becca showed me how to do Instagram and i became mildly obsessed with it, hence some of the rather arty photos below

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