Sunday, 7 April 2013


You might recall that in early Jan Becca and i did a surprise trip up to Glasgow to see Sam for his 21st birthday. It felt too close to Christmas and New Year to put on another big do when everyone was really partied out so we decided to leave the celebrations till easter.
 So that came around quickly and here we were yesterday  hosting a "do" for approx 40 people.

For a start Sam had arranged for 15 of his friends to go paintballing. Becca very bravely went along too, the only girl. An early start, they had to leave at 8.20. Try getting fifteen 21 yr olds out of bed and up and dressed by 8am on a saturday morning.... they left at 8.40!!!

we spent the day in preparation. I made
2 loaves of foccacia bread
coleslaw salad,
green salad
tomato, feta and cucumber salad
slow roasted chicken thighs with chorizo, sweet potato and garlic
for 40.......

Luckily I have an AMAZING friend who makes spectacular cakes and she did not disappoint this time

 Not only does it look fantastic ... it tastes amazing too.

Everyone tipped up here afterwards and we partied in earnest! it was a lovely evening, young and old together. The youngest left for a club later on leaving us oldies to our cups of tea and to pick at the cake!
Got to bed at 11. my legs were aching soooo much and I realised I had been standing ALL day. It was like the old days of nursing when I had worked a busy 8 hr shift , walking up and down all day!

I think Sam had a great time though this is how he spent a large part of today

This is what his back looks like after a day paintballing

I also mastered the art of granny squares.....

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