Saturday, 27 April 2013


What a lovely day we are having!
Have just made a batch of ginger biscuits and ate a fair few......

Spent an hour or so sleeping in the sun before a huge hail storm and now listening to Ian and Joseph fiddling about with bike stuff in the kitchen.. all rather blissful really.

Weekend started quite badly last night with dinner out with friends at a newly refurbished pub up the road. Looks lovely but had one of the worse meals ever there. Appalling service, cold food , undercooked chips, we sent it back but really should have not paid at all. On top of that i was driving and so was stone cold sober.... Came home to find that one of Josephs friends who was sleeping over was poorly and vomitting and spent a good while cleaning up sick and trying to sort him out!!

Then woken early in the morning by the lodgers alarm and unanswered phone ringing!! Hence the sleep in the sun...

The sourdough competition continues.... Joseph is making a loaf as we speak, but its not rising well, I am not confident, though both our starters look lively enough, in fact Josephs was escaping earlier in the week .


  1. Your ginger biscuits look yummy! Sorry to hear about the sick guest. Ick.

  2. I forgot something! Do you think you could email me? I have a question I need to ask you, but would rather it remain out of the internet viewing eyes. My email is Thanks so much!