Friday, 5 April 2013


Sorry to keep going on and on and on about the weather but yesterday was unbelievably dreadful......
Really really really cold and snowy sleet all day. Not a day for being outside at all.
Walked the dogs as quickly as I could, I am looking after an extra who has been completely ruined by his owners and is a pain in the a***, came home and settled into a day of domesticity.....
The main event of the day was this.......

 My sockbasket had got out of control and it was time to sort it out which I did....
Although rather boring I do find sorting socks rather therapeutic . I realise I am very much a optimist as I find that I cant throw the odd ones away for a long time as I am forever hopeful of the other one turning up......

The red car would not start just as Becca was rushing off for an interview, rather stressful so she had to drive mine without insurance while I waited for the AA. Thankfully it was just the battery.....

Managed a trip to the gym and then lots of cooking and eating. we are on a carrot feast at present as I accidentally ordered online 5 BAGS of organic carrots instead of 5 carrots so we are making .....

 these were unbelivably yummy, carrot and halloumi fritters, really really tasty

we also made some carrot hummus to go with the falafel.

I also finished these.....

A baking fest all round, we have all been cooking as follows
 Sam made these cinnamon buns
 I made this pretend sourdough
 Becca made these fairy cakes for her boyfriends sisters birthday

 And joseph made this bloomer loaf.

Not bad going really and plenty to have for breakfast in bed tomorrow!!


  1. Wow you've been busy! All looks delicious! Xx

  2. thank you for the nice comment : )
    i am wearing my yellow cardigan now as i am writing you,
    think this one will be a favourite.

    i always like getting book recommendations and i am
    excited to hear that you have ordered the book i am currently reading beacuse it is SO good!! hope you will like it as much as i do...
    i have slowed down a little bit while reading it because i don't want the story to end...don't want to "say goodbye" to the characters.
    do you have any book recommendations, some favourites to share with me?
    two of my favourites (scandinavian ones):
    this book
    this author

    wishing you a lovely start on the new week ahead,

    ps: your delicious bakings makes me hungry : )