Sunday, 14 April 2013


No excuses for not writing for so long.... not much going on really...

All rather quiet here, Becca back at Leeds, just finished her dissertation...yeehah, 12,000 words no less on anorexia, Sam back in Glasgow, Charlie sunning himself in Australia, moving rapidly up the east coast towards Cairns. It got EVEN quieter as Joseph went to stay with a friend for a few days and it was just ian and me for a day or 2 , most unusual but rather lovely really.

The first day I cleaned ....quite satisfying but very,very dull, so the next day I got my hair cut and coloured and went shopping in Oxford street.
We had our usual date night... saw "A late Quartet", very , very good , a nice gentle and well acted film, we gave it 8/10. Also watched "silver linings playbook" which is really 10/10 and just as good the second time!!

My sister and her boyfriend came to stay over the weekend and I cooked a fantastic
 spagetti vongole......

Saturday morning was almost spring like , with sun streaming through the curtains..... by 2pm it was blowing a gale, driving rain and a very cold wind. We were on Portobello road, so escaped to a coffee shop and had these......

Friends for supper last night and then today it was WARM, yes WARM, the sun was out the wind was warm and it felt quite hot.....21c so about 20c warmer than last week.... bliss

Holidays over now back to school and work but first I had to tackle this lot.....

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  1. hairdresser appointment and cafevisit:
    what a perfect day : )

    thank you for taking the time to share some of your favourite books with me!
    i have written them down in my want-to-read list.

    yesterday i could actually notice a kind of "warmness" in the wind here too, the spring is getting CLOSER. it came lots of snow last week..a big dissapointment to a spring-longing soul like me...