Friday, 21 June 2013


This isn't something I do often, really very little at all if I'm honest. I find it boring and quite frankly pointless, its a mess again when everyone comes home and by the time i get up the next morning I can't really tell i have done anything . However the time comes now and again when a feeling comes over me and I HAVE to do it.
The house was a BIG mess and I had some visitors planned for the next day so the feeling came upon me and i HAD to do it! This time I had some unemployed children at home and they helped me A LOT!!

Here is Sam really getting into it...

He also hoovered the stairs from top to bottom, Becca emptied the bathroom and scrubbed the floor on her hands and knees and I attacked the living rooms....

This is how nice the snug looked when i had finished!!

In the whole scheme of looking better and being clean the dogs went to the hairdressers. this is a VERY handsome Huxley

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