Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Am off for a couple of days to the countryside ... Stroud in Gloucestershire and then meeting up with old friends in Cheltenham. Ita a very short break but have TONS to sort out... where are the dogs going to go, where is Joseph going to go and what bags and various clothing etc need to go to what place, is there enough food in the house for the lodgers and for Becca when she comes home and MOST important... WHAT KNITTING SHALL I TAKE WITH ME TO DO ON THE TRAIN????

Phew , just writing it all down is exhausting..... Oh and I have a dental appt first thing too before I leave!!

So its a quickie....
I am REALLY proud of this photo I took of Huxley on our evening stroll last night... I want it to go GLOBAL.....

I just love it...... Hope you like it too

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  1. That is a great picture! I love the mix of shadow and sun. Have a lovely time while you are away! And enjoy the knitting time you get on the train.