Thursday, 20 June 2013

havent found myself here , in front of the computer for a few days and realise its been a looooooong time since i last wrote anything.

The house is FULL.... Becca and  Sam home , 2 lodgers , one lodgers girlfriend, Becca's boyfriend and several "mates"generally knocking around. Monday night I cooked supper for 9, and I wasn't even eating as I am trying hard with the 5:2 fasting diet.... just got a new bikini...scary!!!

Over the weekend I was up in Leeds to help bring Becca home... she has finished her degree!!!!!The four girls in her house arranged a Mums weekend  so we all trooped off up to Leeds where we were spoilt by our daughters!!

Becca and I had a lovely day shopping for  graduation dress for her and after much undressing , dressing and walking we stopped for these...

When we got back to the house all the mums were treated and spoilt with the following....
Roast chicken, salad, couscous, a fantastic pavlova, G and T's and even cocktails... great fun!!

next morning we inevitably became involved in the cleaning of the flat but with all of us there it was pretty easy and we left an good time. Even the drive home was good , Becca and i shared and the time wizzed by!!

Home to  Fathers day  and a roast cooked by the father and a few hilarious cards, this being one of them.

Guess what... I have got contact lenses and can now see again, without having glasses perched on my head most of the time! quite an experience learning how to put them in and out. Got them in ok but took ages to get the bloody things out but seem to be getting better though Ian had to put one in the other day for me after 20 mins of trying!!!
There is a real downside though... I can see my wrinkles and lines soooo clearly now, all the time. I didnt really look at myself much with my glasses on so didnt realise quite how bad the situation is!!
Also , as if in a huff about the lenses my £200 glasses are missing, ironically the last time I remember having them is in the opticians when I was making the appointment to have the lenses fitted!!!

Today has been the 1st summery HOT day we have had , sadly for today only, back to rain and overcast tomorrow and all over the weekend!!


  1. How nice that your daughter and her friends made you all the lovely dinner! I think it is a real sign of kids moving into adulthood when they start cooking for their parents. :-)

    Do you find it hard to be cooking for so many people again? When everyone is home for a holiday I feel quite frazzled trying to make so much food, and then have to remind myself I used to cook that quantity every day for many years!

    And about those wrinkles - I'm quite sure your new contact lenses are to blame. They must be defective. :-)

    1. I shall get on to the optician immediately and demand a wrinkle free pair.....

      Yes the whole cooking amount conundrum ... when they 1st leave I cook HUGE amounts which the dogs end up with and then we barely have enough when they first arrive home as i have completley forgotten how much BIG boys need to eat!!