Sunday, 9 June 2013


Last night as I was drifting off to sleep a thought popped into my head .... a very interesting and witty , slightly off the wall topic to write about on my blog. Not too long just succinct and to the point and very witty and amusing (??!!) and even a title to put at the top of the page. "I will surely remember that., its so clever and interesting" I thought to myself. I woke early again...5.30 isn, (Sunday morning arghhhhhh) and in trying to get off to sleep wrestled with my brain and sleepy memories of the previous night ...... absolutley nothing, no idea at all of what this brilliant piece was to be about and inspite of my hardest efforts there is still a BLANK. Maybe it was just a dream and there was really nothing there at all......

So its just a few photos I'm afraid... but quite good ones I hope.

Just spent the last couple of days visiting my mum down in Stroud. It was the most beautiful day, warmish and such lovely blue skies.
In case anyone is interested this is what I took to knit on the train

Its a rather long and slightly plain and boring wrap. I had a lovely one that was left on a plane and I have never quite found the perfect replacement, until I recently found a GIGANTIC ball of wool that was the perfect shade. Its growing nicely and I'm thinking that I am about half way.

In the evening we went for a beautiful walk over the hills, it was a lovely evening and the fields and trees and grass looked so vibrant.

As you can see its beautiful countryside.
I had a drink from a spring

The water was delicious, so cool and refreshing.

Home again now with a houseful of children/ young adults returning home from uni. It takes some getting used to again, no hot water for my shower after the gym, the towels all being wet, the fridge emptying before my eyes....

I made some sourdough this morning... it was a good one

However it is almost gone now, it is sooooo good we cant stop eating it

So a sunday roast for 7 needs preparing, roast lamb and its smelling GOOOOOOOD.

enjoy the rest of the weekend 


  1. Hi... Saw your enquiry about blocking. I have only just tried it and am converted. I crochet mostly but it makes such a difference to the finish. I pin whatever shape I am working on onto the ironing board and then with the steam iron held just above the work give it a quick sharp shot of steam and leave it to dry. I ave been making bunting and it is so much sharper. Just make sure you do not touch your work with the actual iron plate. Hope this Leo's. love the photos

    1. Brilliant, Thanks for taking the time to let me know, I will give it a try!!

  2. Hope this helps that is meant to read... Predictive text for you.. Leo might like it too if he pops in !!!

  3. Ha! I have had the same thing happen with blog posts ideas. They seem to float out of my head in the same mysterious way they enter. Now if I think of something when I am out and about I make a note on my iPhone. But that doesn't solve the dilemma of that wonderful idea that strikes just as one is drifting off to sleep.

    Good luck with your houseful of people. It is an interesting thing having older children return home. Mostly good, with a few challenges thrown in. :-)

    1. Yes, a few challenges I'm sure, from previous experience we have a lovely few days, the honeymoon, then a few upheavals then it settles back to its old pattern......