Thursday, 21 June 2012


Every Wednesday Ian and I try to go to the movies as its "orange Wednesday" meaning we can buy one get one free on tickets! We go early and have a drink, Ameretto on ice and a beer, and a packet of revels which we have to eat by the time the trailers are finished.
This week we saw"A Royal Affair". Subtitiled danish film, based on a true story. We gave it a 7.5/10.


Breast feeding workshop yesterday, a quiet group so it makes it a harder class to do. One question really made me realise the power of the formula milk companies. A youngish girl expecting her 1st baby was asking about when we should start her baby on "follow on milk". It took me a while to understand her question and then i realised she was thinking that breast feeding was a to be done just very briefly before going on to the "bottle" and all the various milks that these companies sell to women to feed their babies.The power of advertising... thank goodness she came along , she seemed delighted to know that we were advising exclusive breast. How many others are there like that who don't come along! Lets hope she will spread the word and become an ambassador for breast feeding!!


My 12 yr old is starting to change into a rude and mouthy teenager......NOOOOOOO! I can't bear to think that this sweet boy with  peachy clear skin and a lovely sunny nature will soon be a spotty, grunting adolescent. Its difficult for him being the youngest by 5 yrs as everyone else is moving on and he will be stuck at home with us for a while now ,on his own!

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