Wednesday, 13 June 2012


getting started... its all a bit confusing!!
Thank God for  teenagers…..with out them i wouldn’t be here now……sitting in bed with my 2 dogs, husband and one child who has got me this far in my attempt to start a blog!! nonetheless it is still very confusing and I’m not even sure that this will end up on the page! I’m even struggling with this keyboard……
So to get started……
I have been inspired by my daughters boyfriends grandmother who has got a great blog going about her life up in Scotland and her knitting and gardening projects so I thought I’d give it a go.
I live in London, work as a community midwife, have 4 noisy, lively, lovely children aged 22,20, 17 and 12, all living at home this year but 3 moving on this coming Sept. I am crazy about knitting to the point I managed to get a knitting injury earlier this year which now thankfully has resolved, after a few sessions of acupuncture (love it). I am also a keen bread maker and having been trying with very little success to make sourdough.
I work 2 and 1/2 days a  week, just in my local area. I haven’t done any births for quite a while, the last time was by mistake when one of my ladies had her baby at home unplanned and I just happened to be driving past. It was a very hot day (remember them??) and I had ice cream in the car. Between contractions i was running out to the car giving instructions to my son as to what to take home and stick in the freezer! It was all very exciting especially as i had very little equipment…. thankfully everything turned out fine!
most of my work now is ante and post natal care, I am very lucky as I have a lot of continuity with my ladies and have been working in the same area for over 12 yrs now so have seen some women through several children. Another of my passions is helping mothers and babies to get going with breast feeding. Yesyterday I was stopped my a mum who had been to a class i run ,teaching breast feeding, who had had great success and was still feeding her 10 month old! Always great to hear that!
Well…. i had better get started with the day now, got to walk the dogs and then off to friends for lunch, great.. i don’t have to cook.
Hopefully will get back to this later and get a few photos etc up.

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