Saturday, 30 June 2012


why is it that every weekday we have woken up to sunshine and come the weekend it's pouring??? just had tea and toast in bed with two wettish dogs joining us looking out at a very grey scene. BAD WEEK..... a bad week for blogging but a good week overall...... We had a lovely weekend in Norfolk last week and even mangaged a lovely sunny walk on Holkham beach with the tide and the sun out. it is the most impressive beach and the tide was soooo far out the sea was only just visible. Apparently it's the beach that was used in the final scene of "Shakespeare in Love". We had a bit of a giggle going to a WI sale in Holt..... We were hoping for chutneys, jam and tea costs but sadly it was quite a lot of crimplene and polyester.... we all bought a ring..seemed to be the safest option! COFFEE IN THE SUN Managed to meet up with a friend who I haven't seen for ages and we sat outside.....yes OUTSIDE and drank coffee and chatted for a good couple of hours,nothing like a girlfriend natter..... Nothing is off limits for us's hilarious! Not sure what our husbands would think though!!! also went shopping in the sales and did very well and then later that evening...another girls night sitting OUTSIDE again round a fire while one of us cooked paella, what a treat.... Photos to follow. sat out untill midnight ,it was blissful......!!! FAMILY I have been doing some bonding with my middle son this week and it's quite a treatI can tell you! he has just left school , where he was ALWAYS in trouble and is now venturing out into the BIG world! since he started talking we have argued and both said some vile things to each other,it's a prickly relationship to say the least ...but just lately things are improving......Yesterday we were in Oxford St together to get some things for his leavers ball last night! we chatted and had a bit of a laugh trying on designer sunglasses in Libertys and even sat in the sun having lunch....... Very, very pleasant, I am thinking there is hope for us yet!! hope so! MIDWIFERY I am struggling to write about this without breaking any confidentiality so unless I can find something more general to say I think I will leave that for a while! well, I can't really believe it but the sun is out and there is blue sky visible! Am off shopping with Joseph as poor lad as NO trousers to wear , he is growing FAST just now!!

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