Tuesday, 19 June 2012

yet more footie....

Yet another evening of sport on the TV..., thank God I have my piano practise, knitting and this to do!


I must say I am grinding to a halt with the patchwork squares and seem to be doing all sorts of other things instead, not a good sign... I know if I stop I might not return  and I have probably done 3/4 so it would be a shame to stop now! I have decided to do some BIG squares to pad it out a bit but it still is interminably slow! Sam is quite excited about having it so I must persevere for his sake.


Ante natal clinic today, usual busy full clinic, all the new pregnancies turning up after a bank holiday weekend, we are very predictable us humans. Last year after the royal wedding , everyone got very romantic and I had a rush of babies.... a snowy weekend , powercut or similar everyone takes to bed early!!


Joseph went to bed early in tears saying he was "starving"... didn't really really understand what he was so upset about... I had a whole spread of food on the table,one of which I thought was one of his favourites... clearly not!! Anyway he needed a good sleep !
Have managed to find 2 lodgers for our empty rooms when the 2 oldest are off to uni in Sept, so that will help towards the massive fees and fill the empty house! We have had some lodgers before and they were fun and fitted in well so hopefully this will work well too.
Charlie is in his last week of school and believe it or not they are still after him for a detention for "eating".... not sure how that will pan out as they will not allow him to go to the leavers ball until he does it... The school has been on his back since day one and will be till the very last day...... it makes me feel VERY cross but that's what we signed up for I guess......

No bread making for a while though I think I will put the bread maker on tonight as we have very little for breakfast!

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